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Hi, I'm Sayeh!!!

Thank you for finding me!

I created Sayeh Marie Photography at the urging of many family and friends, over 12 years ago. I obtained my love for photography from watching my Dad capture so many memories with his Canon cameras and lenses over the years. (Yep, that's right, I'm a Canon girl). I found, that I truly LOVE to capture those candid moments. Those moments that are common but unique. Those moments that define US. Who we are, who our family is, and what we are RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT. Life spins by in a blink, and I firmly believe that we need to capture these memories. 

Now, a little more about me and my time away from the camera....

I am also known as Mom, Mama, Mommy and sometimes "bruh", which is most definitely not my favorite (HA)! These names come from our four kiddos, Grayson (13), Henry (7), William (5), and Gryffin (5). Shane and I have been married over 8 years and share a home with the wildlings, (of course), and our two cats, Lily and Luna along with our new chocolate-silver lab, Odin. I love to be outside. I love grilling food on the BBQ, hiking and running. I love spending time with family and friends. I love babywearing, and keeping our kiddos close. I love sports and the water. I love coffee, tea, and robust chocolate. I love me a good lemon wedding cake with raspberry filling. I love being lost within a deep and moving conversation. I love good movies and salty sweet popcorn. I love small businesses. I love all things PNW.  Most of all, I love capturing and preserving memories that you will cherish forever, and I love that you have found me here!